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As the 2008 election on November 4th draws near, I want everyone to know that we are committed to winning.  We want to make sure that the voters of the 47th district hear our message of reducing taxes through growth, economic development, creating a coherent water policy for Nebraska, and protecting the sanctity of innocent life.

Nebraska finds itself in a unique position.  The energy issue, can provide us with opportunities we have not had before.  We must take advantage of renewable natural resource opportunities to create growth for Nebraska and the 47th district.  These opportunities must be acted on now.  We need to create flexibility in our laws to allow new and emerging technologies a toehold in Nebraska. 

Water policy is another area that needs to be addressed.  We need to bring stakeholders together to agree on a course of action and develop comprehensive water policy that does not pit user against user.  We need to create a water policy that protects and defends our states compacts and decrees for the water users of Nebraska.  We need policies that look to create opportunities and incentives rather than regulation and restriction.  I will work to develop these policies and lead on this issue.

Rural economic development is key for maintaining and growing our communities in the 47th district.  Without growth, our taxes will continue to rise.  We must address the issues that are forcing our citizens to move out of rural Nebraska.  We need to address the taxation issue.  Lower taxes will give communities the opportunity to attract people and businesses back to our district.  If we can attract people and businesses then we will lower taxes by spreading the burden.  This is not an alternative.  It must be done for our small communities, for their survival.

Growth must also occur if we are going to give our children the education they deserve.  If we continue down the path of decreasing population and higher taxes, we will not be able to fund our schools.  We cannot continue to look to the state to increase funding for our schools.  We must look to protect our children and their education ourselves.  We need the State to help, but I am tired of continually getting the short end of the stick when it comes to funding for our rural schools.  We need to take a look at where we can gain ground through efficiencies and innovation.  We need to work with Community Colleges to partner up and provide opportunities for more collaboration between our community colleges and our high schools.  We need to find ways to utilize technology and distance learning to give our students an advantage while reducing costs.  We need to work with local businesses to create synergies between education and the needs of local businesses.  We must look in new directions when it comes to educating our young people.

I will work to stop benefits for illegal immigrants.  Nebraska should not entice illegal immigrants to our state by providing in state tuition or any other benefits.  Incentives/benefits for illegal immigrants is morally wrong.  I encourage immigrants to go about the process legally.  Do not place your children in the precarious position of not having a home in their country of citizenship while at the same time having to worry day and night, about being in the United States Illegally. 

I am the only candidate in this race that has been endorsed by the Nebraska Right to life organization.  I am proud of this distinction and understand the burden that it places on me.  I will fight hard for the rights of the unborn and will work to protect all human life so that we do not hit the slippery slope of rationalization when it comes to all of the pro-life issues. 

We are into the final days of this race.  We are not taking this race for granted.  Our opponent is working hard and we must work to maintain the lead we have.  Our commitment and hard work is paying off.  With your help we will win on November 4th.  With your help we will bring the right kind of leadership to the Nebraska Legislature.  Deb and I are very grateful to those who have helped us get to this point.  We are pushing hard for the finish line.  If you are interested in helping please contact us, with your help and vote on November 4th we will be successful in our bid for the 47th district legislative seat.

Ken Schilz
Candidate for Legislature, 47th district